Scottish Borders Produce Ltd

Welcome to Scottish Borders Produce Ltd

Scottish Borders Produce Ltd (SBP) is a co-operative of some 35 farmers in the Scottish Borders and adjoining counties of East Lothian and North Northumberland.

Started in 1972 by 5 growers in the Scottish Borders harvesting a few hundred acres, the group has expanded through the amalgamation of two other groups and now harvests in excess of 4,000 acres on members and rented land.

With its sister company Eyemouth Freezers Ltd, SBP offers locally grown peas and broad beans with a consistently short field to freezer timescale, reliably processed to the highest standards and packed to the requirements of British supermarkets.

Scottish Borders Produce Ltd,
Toll Bridge Road, Eyemouth, Berwickshire TD14 5GN
Tel: 018907 51663  •  Fax: 018907 51817