Scottish Borders Produce Ltd

Our Profile

SBP is a specialist grower of vining peas and broad beans producing 7,500 to 8,500 tonnes annually. The temperate climate of the region and longer daylight hours in summer encourages slower ripening of the crop. This enhances the sweetness in our peas and allows SBP to synchronize the harvesting operation with the factory freezing capabilities.

Our growers view peas and beans as very attractive break crops, introducing nitrogen back into the soil after six years of cereal or root vegetable production.

SBP's produce is processed in Eyemouth by Eyemouth Freezers Ltd (a private company set up by SBP members in 2000), where it is packed for its UK supermarket customers. Packed product is shipped directly from Eyemouth to the customer's distribution centre, minimizing the carbon footprint into the supermarket.